The studio and garden is situated in a small village in southern Sweden and my husband and I have lived on this ground since 1986. Two sons have grown up here. Step by step we have transformed the house and the land and today we enjoy a garden with organic flower growing and beekeeping.

My background, starting in 1986, as a fiberartist working with weaving and collage has over the years gradually changed towards painting. Since 2011 I have combined my passion for bee-keeping and art by taking upp the two thousand years old technique of encaustic, witch in short is painting with beeswax and the oil painting technique called coldwax where you mix the oil paint with beeswax.

Every year I open up my studio and garden to visitors for a few days (please check for dates at the ”News”-section)

Welcome to have a look around my site.

Helle Christensen Hjort